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How Often Does Private Insurance Cover Chiropractic? How Do I Find Out If Mine Does?

Many people benefit from chiropractic care every year, and chiropractic care is frequently covered by private insurance companies. This is a very good thing, since it allows individuals and families who otherwise might not be in a financial position to afford treatment to get the help they need. However, insurers often place significant limitations on […]

Migraine Headache Causes and Treatment Options

For those of you who wonder if you’ve ever suffered a migraine, it is likely you haven’t.  Migraines are a debilitating form of headache that can involve not only intense throbbing head pain, but also nausea, vomiting and flashes of light.  Despite how common migraines are, there is surprisingly little known about what exactly causes […]

How Old Should You Be to See a Chiropractor?

You can benefit from chiropractic care at any age. Because the birthing process – even with natural childbirth methods – can cause subtle injuries to the clavicle, collarbone, spine and neck, parents often bring their infants to their chiropractors for a checkup soon after they are born. Many chiropractors have received specialized training in pediatric […]

Are There Side Effects to Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is recognized as one of the safest therapies you can use to treat joint pain, back and neck pain, headaches, and other conditions. Because no type of healthcare therapy is completely free of potential side effects, however, some adverse effects may occur. Many patients feel relief immediately following a chiropractic spinal adjustment, but some […]

Fibromyalgia Suffers Choose Chiropractic over Traditional Medicine for Relief of Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a condition with no known medical cure. It is characterized by chronic and debilitating pain all over the body, and heightened pain under pressure.  Its symptoms can cause patients to suffer from widespread pain, poor sleep, chronic tiredness and even depression. The causes of fibromyalgia are unknown. Some theories cite that the patient’s […]

Chiropractic Care for Triathlon Performance and Recovery

A triathlon is an athletic event incorporating back-to-back running, cycling and swimming. Triathlons exert great strain on the body, which may challenge athletes on both physical and mental levels. The extreme training a triathlete must endure can put the body under great cumulative stress, and it’s not uncommon for the athletes to suffer from a […]

Chiropractic Care for Allergies

When most of us sneeze, we put it down to a cold or even allergy, and our first thoughts are to pop an antihistamine pill – not to call a chiropractor! But did you know that a chiropractor could help you overcome your allergy problems? Most people associate chiropractors with back and neck issues, and […]

Chiropractic Care for Migraines

Migraine sufferers have to endure a pain that is recurring, severe and can last up to 72 hours. Warning signs such as an “aura”, which is a type of visual disturbance, and nausea, sometimes accompany migraines. Many sufferers find that conventional medicine and prescription drugs offer little relief from their condition, and many are turning […]

Comparing the Risks: Spinal Manipulation versus Back Surgery

While most people seeking medical care for back or neck pain recognize that they may have treatment options (often including chiropractic care and surgery), many do not understand the potential benefits and risks associated with those choices.  Patients who ask family, friends or coworkers for advice all too often hear secondhand stories about healthcare “miracles” […]