If you have family members and friends suffering with painful physical conditions and illness, encourage them to give chiropractic adjustments a try. Here’s what they probably don’t know.

A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the spine that many times goes unnoticed, yet causes many bodily discomforts and physical aliments. When a vertebra in the spine goes out of alignment it can interfere with nerve, brain and spinal cord communication, causing various body parts to stop functioning as they should, and instead, experience pain and deterioration.

For example, a misalignment in the spine can do the following things:

– Disrupt the function of your internal organs, glands, muscles, joints and discs

– Cause pain not only in the back region, but anywhere in your body

– Induce headaches

– Accelerate joint aging

– Cause osteoarthritis

– Open the door to disease, by lessening your body’s ability to adapt to stress and heal itself

– Drain you of energy

Prescription drugs can’t remedy a structural problem, they can only mask symptoms.
Encourage your family and friends to get checked by a chiropractor where they can start to enhance their health and quality of life the safe and noninvasive way.